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It’s the next update about our activity to provide support in Ukraine.

As you may remember, (see the previous post) we had planned to deliver Christmas food packages to the elderly and the handicapped whose monthly pension is less than 100 USD. It was done at both Catholic and Orthodox Christmas, as well as on New Year’s Eve. I would like to show you the faces of some of the people you have helped:

food packages 1
food packages 4
food packages 3
food packages 2
food packages 6
food packages 17
food packages 7
food packages 9
food packages 5
food packages 12
food packages 11
food packages 15

170 people who received them passed on their gratitude to the CSUF donors. I know it was important for them not only in terms of food but also because they can feel that we care about them.

We have kept paying some electricity bills, buying space heaters and firewood which is very important in the winter time, and medications for those who can’t afford them.

space heaters
space heaters 1

This is the lift we have bought for the geriatric center in Volodymyr town. You can also see Viktor who comes from Angola. He’s got no documents, no relatives, no friends, and no memories. He is one of the handicapped brought to the local geriatric center from Kyiv when Kyiv was being attacked by the Russians.


I have a message for you and I will translate it:

thank you message from the geriatric home

The Town Council of Volodymyr, Volynska Province

Territorial Center of Social Service of Volodymyr Town


To the Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation

The Territorial Center of Social Service of Volodymyr expresses its sincere gratitude to the Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation for charitable assistance in the form of diapers, a lift for bedridden patients, firewood and food packages, a chainsaw, electric space heaters, which you provide on time and from the bottom of your heart.

Thank you for being able to share the love with those who lack it in this world.

It is very important for pensioners to know that they are not alone in solving their problems. That there are people who can lend a friendly shoulder in a difficult moment.

When we receive from other people, we think about the universal human values of dedication and compassion, love for one’s neighbor and the ability to change the world around for the better.

A low bow to you and a sincere thank you for what you do. May God send you good health, joy and all sorts of good things.

We hope for further cooperation.


Director of the Territorial Center

Halyna Loktionova


Inna Matsioha

I took this photo in the Territorial Center of Social Care recently. The elderly people keep coming there to make masking nets. A lot of people do everything they can do.

masking nets

The story of the person in the next photo is extraordinary. Meet Zina. She comes from Shchastia town in Luhansk province. That area is occupied by the Russians. The Russian soldiers came to capture two of her sons in early March. Zina has not seen them afterward. She thinks she will never see them again. Zina’s sons are former Ukrainian army contract soldiers and the Russians are hunting for such people in the areas they occupy. Zina stayed with her daughter-in-law and three grandchildren: 7, 9, and 14 years old after the sons were arrested. The daughter-in-law and the mother of the children died just a few months later, in September.

It is unbelievable taking the current situation into account, but 75 years old Zina managed to escape from the occupied territory with three grandchildren. They came to live in the town in the west of Ukraine where Zina’s third son lives.

We have helped Zina with some basic things they asked for. They will let her organize their life in the one-room apartment that is rented by her son. We have delivered pillows, blankets, bed linens, towels, a fridge, and a small sofa for one of the grandchildren.

Zina 1

We’ve kept helping schools and we have provided a 7.5kw electricity generator unit for Liceum by Tsynkalovskyi in Volodymyr town to help them organize the tuition for 486 pupils and internet at the time of blackouts:


These projectors and the power station will be used by the sports school to provide lighting for kids who participate in the sections of athletics and boxing:


We continue supporting soldiers of the military units that are at the front line and you can see the photos of some of the equipment that we bought and delivered in January in the photos below.

This is one of three Starlink units we have delivered and some military boots.

starlink and boots

Starlink means connection. It’s the ability to coordinate the activity of the military units, and save lives. It’s also the ability to get in touch with the families back home. The boots get worn down in the trenches and fields very quickly. We get information directly from the heads of the units and order the particular sizes they need.

Here is another package:

boots and underwear 1

The so-called dry showers are used by the soldiers in trenches where often stay for a long time.

dry shower

The women who make these socks and tailor underwear in the villages say that cannot sit doing anything. It is their contribution and it is as much as they can do:

socks 2

You can see 10 good sleeping bags and mats for 10 soldiers in the next photo.

sleeping begs

We bought them together with three young girls who raised money by singing carols at Christmas and joined us. 

koliada Moment

Check this link if you would like to see their performance. 

We have bought this night vision device. It can be mounted on the helmet. It is already being used to deliver soldiers, food, and ammunition to point zero at night.

night vision 2
night vision

This thermal camera will help to detect Russian sabotage groups at night. It can detect a person at about 400 meters and a vehicle at about 1200 meters.

thermal camera 2
thermal camera

The light helmets of the proper protection level with certificates have been delivered from Germany:


The night optics for Kalashnikov is used at the very point zero where the enemy is just a few hundred meters away.

night optics

We have kept supporting the units that specialize in organizing communication providing modems, inverters and different kinds of connectors:

connectors 2

These are photos of the building materials we have bought. They are used to build trenches. And you can also see Alla who was featured in one of our videos. She delivered them to the unit of her husband in the front.

trenches 33
trenches 44

We’ve got a lot of thank you photos for you. Volunteer Sasha has passed on his greetings. We work with him to deliver many packages to the front.

sasha volunteer

We got these light bulletproof plates from our friend and volunteer Taras. They have been delivered to the soldier who’s got problems with the spine and who takes painkillers all the time. A 6kg bulletproof vest VS a 13 kg one makes a huge difference.

thank you 1111

Thank you for the binoculars:

thank you 33

For the range meter:

thank you 44

I wish I could show you these faces! For boots and sleeping mats:

thank you 66

The man with the beard in the middle is in his 60s. Still fighting. Thank you for the binoculars, thermal underwear, and the range meter:

thank you 77

For the masking gear. It’ll be painted with a grey spray. 

thank you 88

For the Starlink units:

uk and can flag 1 1
thank you 121

For the thermal camera and the night vision device:

thank you 14
thank you 99

For the electric power unit and other supplies:

thank you 111
thank you 201
thank you 191

Thank you for your continued support. It is delivered to a particular person and it helps that person to survive the war.


Andriy Dorosh

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