Friends of Ukraine,

This update is about one of the very important recent projects: our work with the Bodro Clinic to support injured soldiers with the physical and psychological rehabilitation they require. The injuries suffered are life-altering for the soldiers and their families. Our goal is to assist with their current needs while also providing the necessary tools for a successful and healthy future. Your support plays an important part in this and the lives of other people we keep helping.

Meet Oleksiy, 31 years old Junior Sergeant of the military unit A4699, the renowned 47th “Magura” Brigade.


Before the war, he worked as a manager of a supermarket and at the beginning of the hot war on February 24, 2022, he volunteered to join Ukraine’s military forces and defend the country.

Oleksiy 2

Oleksiy suffered 4 concussions during his service. When carrying out a combat mission near Robotyne of the Zaporizhzhia region in the summer of 2023, he received a mine-explosive injury. The next photo was taken at the medical stabilization point not too far from the front line.

Oleksiy 3

He took a rehabilitation course in the Bodro Clinic in September 2023 and went back to the front. The next photo was taken in Avdiivka.

Oleksiy in Avdiivka

The next injury was more serious. Things happen quickly at the time of the war and life is much quicker too. He received it in Avdiivka on November 27, 2023. He got a gunshot shrapnel penetrating wound of the right back of the chest in the area of the right shoulder blade with a massive soft-tissue defect, an open fracture of the right scapula, hemopneumothorax with the presence of a foreign body, and a gunshot fracture of the ribs.

Oleksiy 4

His life was saved and further treatment took place in the hospital in Kyiv. There’s still a constant need for rehabilitation and Oleksiy got to the Bodro Clinic again.

Oleksiy and Denys at Bodro

He came in with complaints of pain in the area of the right shoulder, right scapula, right part of the thoracic spine, limitation of mobility on the right, and constant pain. During the follow-up examination, single metallic foreign bodies were found in the soft tissues of the right shoulder and the right side wall of the chest. Oleksiy was diagnosed with post-traumatic contracture of the right shoulder joint and post-traumatic extensor contracture of the right elbow joint.

During his stay in the clinic, Oleksiy received intensive physical therapy in the form of active/passive development of the right shoulder joint and kinesiotherapy. He worked on the MTB-2 crossover, underwent physical therapy procedures, and worked with a psychologist.

There has been a significant improvement in the work of the shoulder joint on the right, bringing the arm forward to the level parallel to the floor straight and to the side. The volume of work on the right scapula has increased. It’s been important to get the desired rest and care. 

Oleksiy is thankful to you for making it all possible. He has also shared his marriage photo. The marriage has taken place recently after he returned home from the clinic. As you can see, life is very fast at the time of the war. Every step and every moment is important.

Oleksiy wedding 2

We have also helped Denis from the city of Volodymyr, Volyn region. He’d been in the army even before 2014 when the Russians first attacked Ukraine. Denys was a commander of the machine gun platoon of a mechanized battalion of the 14th Brigade. On February 23, 2022, he was already at the Ukraine/Russian border in Kyiv province waiting for the Russian attack.


The first sound he heard around 5 am on February 24, 2022, was the noise of vehicles moving in their direction. On February 25, 2022, he defended the town of Ivankiv, Kyiv region, not too far from Bucha and Irpin. They stopped a large column of armored vehicles there. The town was still occupied later and my relatives living there never went out of the cellar until the Russians retreated.

Another month was spent to defend Zhytomyr and Kyiv provinces in the north of Ukraine.

At the end of April 2022, Denis became a deputy commander of the 110th Armored Battalion. Today, they are fighting in the area of Avdiyivka, Donetsk region.

During military service, his state of health deteriorated. Denys was bothered by pain and heaviness in the lower back and knees, especially when moving and being loaded with combat equipment. He felt anxiety and irritability after receiving contusions, sleep became restless and he was diagnosed with secondary eustacheitis and some other diseases. 

He had a chance to take a leave and he came to the clinic to take intensive physical therapy with a rehabilitation specialist, complex physiotherapeutic procedures, and to work with a psychologist.

He’s already back to performing combat tasks at the time when I am writing this post.

Mykhailo is an IT specialist from Chervonohrad who volunteered to join the army at the beginning of the war. He has already been discharged. Didn’t I say that life is quick at this time?


During the execution of a combat mission as part of one of the divisions of the military unit A3029 near the settlement of Bilogorivka, Donetsk region, he received a gunshot shrapnel blind wound in the foot. He had gunshot fractures of the metatarsal bones and multiple open wounds in the area of the ankle joint and foot.

Mykhailo 2

He came with sharp pain in the right foot and he was not able to walk without crutches. There are signs of destruction of the bone tissue of the ankle joint and an improperly consolidated fracture of the bones of the foot. The treatment has produced some results. Although there’s much more to do and fix, he was able to leave the clinic without crutches. 

Mykhailo 3

These are just a few stories of the people you have helped recently because we’ve also kept supplying the soldiers with such crucial equipment as:

  • drones,
  • power stations,
  • heaters,
  • Starlink units 

and other things. The photo reports and more information are to come in the next update.

As you see, your support does make a difference. We would not be able to do it without you. This war is a marathon and things are getting tougher. Your continued help is very much appreciated.


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