Friends of Ukraine,

I would like to tell you about two important projects that have been implemented with the help of our Australian friends recently.

We have kept providing vehicles for the soldiers at the front. This Mitsubishi pickup comes from Great Britain and we bought it in Poland.


It was delivered to Ukraine with the help of Bohdana, her husband Ruvim, and their volunteer team. We have worked on many projects together and you can learn more about them in this compelling video I shot back in 2022: https://csuf.ca/war-stories-volunteer-bohdana/

We have also bought good mud tires and a cover for its trunk:

Mitusbishi (1)

The vehicle has been fixed, serviced and painted by Ruvim:

Mitusbishi (2)
Mitsubishi 4

They have also delivered it to the soldiers that we received an inquiry from. They are part of the 2nd battalion of the 3rd Assault Brigade:

Mitusbishi thank you
vehicle thank you 1

The vehicle will serve the aerial reconnaissance unit and it’ll deliver the soldiers and their equipment to the positions.

We got another inquiry from one of the units of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade and this is the 2nd vehicle we have bought for them recently. It has already been fixed with the help of Ruvim and his team as well:

land rover

We are waiting for the best possibility to deliver it to the front. The father of Eve who you can see in the photo below is part of the unit that will use it:

land rover 2

She can’t wait for her father to return. We all look forward to his return. The vehicle is full of pictures that Eve pained. She hid them in various places to make many surprises for the father who will keep finding them when he uses it for his work at the front. I will share the thank you pictures as soon as the vehicle gets to the front.

I would also like to say hello from Volodia, a veteran who was featured in the previous update.  I went to meet him yesterday as he’s leaving the clinic today. At the time of the psychological treatment, he drew a painting to say thank you to us. It’s a badge of his Marines unit. 


He’s a young sincere man and he says what he thinks. You won’t believe how important our help has been to him and all the other guys we keep helping. They say things would be bad without the help we provide and even without a thought that there’s someone you can get in touch with and ask for help. It’s something to be proud of.

volodia (2)

Volodia passed the best wishes to everyone who contributed to his rehabilitation. He also gave me the flag that he received at the time of the exchange of the prisoners and asked me to keep it as he could lose it. He wants to sign a contract with the military again and return to the front. It’s an honor to hold this flag. I will return it to him when the war is over.

I gave him my phone number and explained there may be things we could help with in the future. Volodia said he will only ask for help in case the need becomes severe. 

We have kept providing night vision cameras and optics, building materials and instruments to improve dugouts and trenches, and other things to the soldiers. I will share the thank you photos once they are received.

Thank you for being with us. The support we provide is very important for the people who get it. We would not be able to do it without you. Let us keep going.

Love from Ukraine.


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