Dear Friends of Ukraine, 

This video will take you to the city of Ternopil in Ukraine. We will visit Ternopil National Medical University (TNMU) to see what’s happening there at the time of war. It’s another way to get a better understanding of the current life in Ukraine. 

Our visit will focus on a meeting with the Rector Mykhaylo Korda, members of the Medical Faculty, and students enrolled in the Medical Program. It is important for people to know how other sectors of Ukrainian society are functioning during the time of war and the resolve in winning this conflict is unwavering. 

To explain my relationship with TNMU, I first got acquainted with the university when I first visited TNMU back in 2019 as part of the heritage tour with Dale Shumka, his wife Andrea, and his daughter Marnie. Dale and Andrea established a scholarship program at TNMU a number of years ago and as part of their tour of Ukraine, a visit to TNMU to meet With Rector Korda and some of the teaching staff and students was on the schedule. Since I was invited to be involved in these meetings DHT has continued to stay in touch with the university. 

At the time of our most recent visit, I was deeply impressed by the patriotism of the students and everything that the University does for victory. This video will tell you why Ukraine and its people will not be defeated. 

It is a crucial moment for us as the Russian offensive is building up. The date of Feb 24 is coming. It’ll be one year since the war started and they like the symbolic dates. 

I will get back with another update on what is going on in Ukraine and a message on the CSUF and the DHT team activity soon.  


Andriy Dorosh

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