It’s spring and the beautiful Ukrainian nature is in bloom. The fights at the front line are heavy. Although both of these facts are part of our reality, it’s still hard to comprehend how this combination can be possible.

It is very busy with volunteer work. We can continue doing it with your support and we are very grateful. So many people in Ukraine have received help from you since the hot war started. What has been done recently?

1st aid supplies have been delivered to one of the military units from Livorno in Italy, with the help of our wonderful friends living there:

1st aid from Italy 2

There’s a constant need for medical supplies: 1st aid kits, tourniquets, hemostatics, nasopharyngeal tubes, tension pneumothorax needles, and other things.

Humanitarian aid has been collected with the help of our friends in Poland: Magda from Torun, Olena, and Tomek from Slupsk. In the photo below you can see part of it: the food and urgently needed supplies collected by the students and teachers of Slupsk technical college:

supplies from Slupsk

These are the supplies from Torun:

Supplies from Torun

It’s been sent it to people in Kharkiv province along with the loads collected by other volunteers of Volodymyr town in Volyn province of Ukraine, and potatoes and canned meat we have bought from our farmers with your help.

canned meat

The villages in Kyiv and Chernihiv provinces have already been supplied well by numerous volunteers. There’s still a need for food in the distant villages of Kharkiv, Sumy, and Mykolaiv provinces. At least, it’s where the volunteers can get. Not to say about the hot war zones and areas occupied by the Russians.

We are in touch with people on the front line to learn what their real needs are. Only then we deliver the necessary supplies. Direct support of this kind works best. This way, we’ve sent out quite a few packages with the 1st aid kits, radiophones, kneepads, tactical gloves, glasses, vests, backpacks, sighting units, and other important things.

We only wish we could show you the faces on numerous thank you photos we receive. There are only some of them below:

thank you 6 1
thank you for the 1st aid kits and tourniquets
thank you 4
thank you 55
thank you 30
thank you 22
thank you 3
thank you 1

Every piece of support matters and there’s much to do. We keep working for victory. Make sure you check the previous post about the home front warriors in Western Ukraine, see the link below. 


Andriy Dorosh

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