THANK YOU FROM BO – June 17, 2022

Hello Friends,

You can see Bo in this photo.

It’s an unusual name for Ukraine. Bo is just a short form of the Ukrainian name Bohdan. Bo cannot pronounce the full name. Bo is such a friendly kid. As soon as he meets you, he holds out his hand, runs toward you, and introduces himself: Bo!!!

happy Bo

Bo, his mother, and his 3-month-old sister come from the Kharkiv area. He is one of 82 refugees who were brought from the hot war zone to western Ukraine, to stay in the village of Bobroidy and neighboring villages near the Polish border.

Bo and his family

In this picture, you can see the food packages we’ve brought to support Bo and all 82 refugees, with your help. Thank you!

There were 82 packages. Each package included pasta, peas, wheat cereal, canned meat and pate (produced by our farmers), millet, corn flakes (the locals are happy to give fresh milk to the refugees), rice, sunflower oil, shower gel, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, toilet paper

food package

You can see 10-years-old Dima who has helped us sort and pack all the supplies. He’s the son of the head of our volunteer team in Ukraine. 

Dima helping to pack the delivery

We have also brought summer clothes, baby food, nappies and a fridge for the refugees who are living in the school of Byshkiv town.


Vladyk and his friends say they’d never thought they’d have to live in the classrooms.

Vladik and friends

The people we’ve brought the aid for come from Bahmut, Kramatorsk, Pokrovsk, Sloviansk, Severodonetsk, and other areas, all affected by the hot war. Some received the news that her house was shelled and destroyed just the day before we came. Where will they go? Will they return? Where will they live when the school year starts and if there’re regular classes? We do not know.

Sloviansk family

Each of the 82 people we met was very grateful to EACH OF YOU who have supported them via our Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation, with the help of the Dorosh Heritage Tours team of volunteers in Ukraine. 

Every piece of support matters and there’s a lot to do. Join us via, and spread the word. 

Thank you for being with Ukraine at this difficult time. 


Andriy Dorosh

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