A missile strike on the UNESCO heritage in Lviv and the deaths of innocent people on Stryiska Street.

The threat of the terroristic attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

Massive missile strikes on Kherson and Kramatorsk and a huge number of civil casualties.

Prigozhin’s march towards Moscow and its ridiculous resolution.

500 days since the hot war began…

It’s impressive to look back and realize that these are JUST SOME OF THE EVENTS that took place since the previous update was posted on the CSUF website on June 13!!!

These and so many other events include hundreds of thousands of small private stories taking place in Ukraine. They are all around us and they are part of our lives. They are the stories of separated families, orphaned children, lost and saved lives, and so many other, you can’t even imagine.

Some are happy but most are not. Each of them is about a human being. 

We deal with many such stories. We help as much as we can to make things around better. The story of Julia is one of them. I would like to share it to let you feel why the support you’ve been providing is so important. 

Julia 2222

Julia and her mother are displaced persons who settled in the town of Volodymyr in the west of Ukraine. The mother is in the maternity hospital right now. Julia’s brother has been born recently.

They lost everything including documents and they have no means to earn their living. They are renting an apartment that you can see in the photo below. There’s no money to buy nappies, baby food and even food for Julia, clothes for the baby, a cradle, a baby carriage, anything. It is a typical situation that so many people are dealing with these days.

Julia 33333

We have done our best to make things at least a bit easier for them at this crucial point. These and other supplies have all been provided with your help.

supplies for Julia and her family 111111
Julia 4444

Thousands of such stories and similar will be taking place until the enemy is stopped.

That is why we keep providing support to Ukrainian soldiers. We help those whose needs are crucial. We know them in person. It’s a matter of life and death for them. It’s a matter of the future of their children. 

The light bulletproof helmets and ceramic plates for bulletproof vests let those who have back injuries carry on. Wearing them saves lives. 

We deliver some building materials to let them construct trenches and get proper shelter from the artillery fire.

We provide drones and thermal cameras for night vision to see the enemy approaching and defend positions.

We provide radiophones and other equipment to organize connections between different units, and more. 

jul support 11
Jul support 111

I can definitely say that you have saved lives. You have made the struggling of many like Julia’s family easier. And we are very grateful for your care.  There’s much to do. There’s much we can do. We can’t do it without you.  


Dale is not with us anymore. Honor to Heroes! It hurts so very much but we keep going. 

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