Friends of Ukraine,

This update is about how your support helps to save the lives of the Ukrainian soldiers. 

This story was presented on BBC and other media and it has to do with the Kara-Dag Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine. We have been working to help them since the hot war started in 2022.

It is an incredible story that shows the value of your support. Two soldiers from the tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were noticed at the time of aerial reconnaissance in the Zaporizhzhia area conducted by one of the Kara-Dag battalions. 

One of the soldiers was seriously injured. They were located just several hundred meters from the positions of the Russian army and there was no way of evacuating them. With the help of a drone, the Kara-Dag unit delivered medication with instructions on how to take it, a tourniquet to stop bleeding, some water, and a piece of paper with a note: “Drink water and follow the drone to get to our troops!”

Thanks to the instructions delivered by the drone, the soldiers managed to reach the positions of the Ukrainian forces. This is a video about how it happened:

Just recently, we have delivered a DJI Mavic 3T Thermal drone with a night camera for one of the battalions of the Kara-Dag brigade.

drone 2

Thank you: 

Drones are expensive and there’s a constant need. They get shot down and damaged often but they do help to save lives. Lives are priceless and we hope to be able to deliver more drones in the future. 

1st aid kits and tourniquets, as well as tactical vests + bulletproof plates, will make the chances of many returning home higher. Thank you from those soldiers who sent the pictures and many others for your help. 

august 1
august 2
august 5 (4)
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Your help saves lives. Love from Ukraine.


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