Friends of Ukraine,

Despite the disastrous devastation and many deaths in Ukraine today, we believe the future will be bright and we do our best to make it happen. This update includes the stories of only some of those who deserve this future, who we support, and who we care about much.

You can see Nazar in the photo below. His family escaped from the Donetsk area where heavy fights are taking place. They lost all the property they had. We have already bought a special wheelchair and other equipment and we keep providing medications that Nazar has to take daily to cease convulsions. We are planning to help Nazar to take a rehabilitation course in a specialized clinic. He must take it twice a year (at least!) to keep functioning but the family has not been able to provide it since the war started.


You can see Dmytro in the next photo. Dmytro has recently left the professional college where he studied to become a teacher of Maths. Dmytro is the relative of Sasha who you met in one of the previous updates. After the tragic death of Sasha, Dmytro decided to join the military and fight. He is 19 years old. Dmytro is already a soldier of one of the newly founded brigades and we support him.


This is Eve. Her father has been called up recently. He’s taking training at the military camp at the moment. In a few weeks, he will be sent to the front. Although Eve is only six years old, she understands what is going on and what can happen very well. I also know that the father is the most important person in the whole world for her. Eve’s dream is to see him back home.


This photo was taken by Eve’s mother. Eve is wearing the gloves and the backpack which are part of different equipment, including the bulletproof vest, that we have bought with your help. It will make the chances of Eve’s father coming home higher.

This is how Eve sees her family in the future. They are a Ukrainian family of lions, protected by the biggest Lion, the father:

Ukrainian family by Eve

Thank you for your ongoing support. It helps to make the dreams of many to come true. It helps to make the future of many happen.

Your help makes a difference. Love from Ukraine.  

Andriy and Dale

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