Dear Friends,

CSUF has been working with the Dorosh Heritage Team of volunteers in Ukraine to provide support since the beginning of the hot war. The volunteer group in Europe includes members living in Ukraine, as well as Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands. It makes it possible to find and deliver some special supplies that are no longer available in Ukraine. We support the Ukraine military, and the refugees, and send food to people living in the hot war zone and areas deployed by the Russians.

But for the detailed reports provided to each of the CSUF donors by email, we are starting to post updates on the website. This is what has been done recently:

Food for refugees and areas affected by the hot war

We have bought 1.7 tons of cereals, 4.3 tons of potatoes, and 430 cans of canned food. It has all been sent to people in the particular towns in Mykolaiv, Kyiv, and Donetsk areas, together with other humanitarian aid collected by other volunteers in the town of Volodymyr in the west of Ukraine. Food is not a big problem in the west yet and we are able to help. However, we can see the supplies are getting tight and we are working to organize them from Poland. 

part of potatoe delivery 1
We buy potatoes from the local farmers to support them as well
canned meet and cereals
Canned food is sent to the areas where cooking is problematic
baby food
Baby food is also used in the hospitals to feed wounded soldiers
Part of the cereal delivery is to be sent to the east

You can check our previous post about the trip to the Makariv area in Kyiv province to deliver humanitarian aid to the citizens of the villages that were liberated by the Ukrainian army: https://csuf.ca/andriivka-village-after-occupation/


We have also delivered some very specific equipment like laser rangefinders, thermal image cameras, modems to create protected signal networks, and radiophones directly to the military units at the frontline. It will help them see the enemy better, improve communication and save lives.  We work directly with soldiers who are at the frontline and it’s the way to provide the most effective support. 

Tourniquets will help to stop massive bleeding
1st aid kits
The tactical 1st aid kits include all necessary components
thermal imagers
Thermal image cameras are of great importance as they'll help to notice the enemy approaching the positions at night
unloading vests
Tactical vests get worn out very quickly and it's important to choose good quality
tactical shoes from Germany
It's almost impossible to but any tactical clothes or gear in Ukraine today. These shoes, as well as a lot of other things have been delivered from Europe.
tactical knee pads
Knee pads from Germany
motorola radios
Motorola radios from Poland
drone 1
tactical glasses 1
Tactical glasses
thank you from the soldiers 5
The packages are sent directly to the soldiers who need particular equipment. We know what the real needs are.
thank you from the soldiers 3
The presents sent from the children are important too

Special thank you to our Polish friends who have bought, serviced, and donated a vehicle for one of the military units: 

vehicle from Poland 1

We are grateful to all CSUF donors for your support. 


Andriy Dorosh

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