Transport is Vital

Vehicle 1

Dear friends,

Today, we will tell you about one of the special spheres where we provide support with your help – transport. We will introduce you to soldier Sasha. He drove the vehicle that you can see in the picture above.  

Sasha came from the frontline to his hometown just for 2 days to pick up another vehicle and drive it to the frontline. It was the only chance for his family to see him. We had a chance to talk and it’s been very different than the news we all see.

Sasha drives under shelling all of the time to deliver food, basic products that are necessary to survive, and ammunition to the field. This is one of the photos he took on his way:

on the way to the front 1

And this is the vehicle that he drove:

vehicle 2

After it was destroyed, his family started collecting money to buy another vehicle. We have helped them to buy another 4-wheel drive for him. It was delivered from Poland, checked very carefully, and restored to make sure it is as reliable as only possible. The vehicle was repainted and all of the men in Sasha’s family took part in the process:

repainting the vehicle 1

The family has decided to have it blessed before sending it to the frontline.

Vehicle 5

Sasha is very grateful to you and he’s using it now:

vehicle 3

Sasha is the one who knows what is really needed at the very front. Working with people like him, we can be sure that our efforts are not wasted. We make a direct delivery to the particular person who is in the trench. Be it some particular medications he needs, tourniquets, a 1st aid kit, a uniform, gloves, boots, kneepads, a spade, an ax, plastic foil, or just very basic things like wet wipes and underwear.   

Ukraine does receive a lot of support on the level of the state. However, you can’t believe how important what we do with your help for a particular person at the front line. It also means a lot because they understand they are not forgotten and there are people who care a lot about them.

Below are the photos of GAZ 66 and ZIL 130, the military trucks we’ve just helped to fix:


zil 130
gaz 66

And the photos of another 4-wheel drive that we have helped to deliver to the front line recently:

jeep 2
Jeep 22

Your support is very important. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We will do our best to deliver your support to those who need it the most.  

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