SUPPORT UPDATE – Sep 22, 2022

Dear Friends,

We would like to share an update on what has been done by CSUF in Ukraine recently. 

You can check the previous post to see the video interview with volunteer Bohdana who we have worked with on some projects. This time, Bohdana and her team have delivered some of the military boots that we bought with your help directly to the soldiers at the frontline:

boots 2
Boots 11

We keep cooperating with her and other people like her. This way all the support you provide gets to the right people and it is as effective as only possible. It makes a difference for so many persons and helps them to survive.

Our Ukrainian team of volunteers has received a citation from Kyiv Military Lyceum by Ivan Bohun for the support of defenders of Ukraine recently.


Its graduates, young boys, I would say, kids, are fighting at the front. With the help of CSUF, we supplied the Lyceum with night vision devices in May.

You could see Nadia, the mother of the soldier in the previous video. We have bought Jeep Grand Cherokee for the unit of her son who is at the front line now.

Grand Cherokee 1

It has been delivered from Germany, checked by the mechanics and electricians thoroughly, fixed and serviced to make sure it operates in the emergency situations as well as possible. It has been repainted and tested on different roads:

Grand Cherokee in the workshop
Grand Cherokee 3

It has been delivered to the front line by the priest of Vysoke village, along with the good terrain tires we have bought for them.

jeep thank you 1

We have also bought night vision devices for 2 vehicles. They were made for the army in Ivano-Frankivsk by volunteers who sell them at cost price. They use regular LCD monitors and CCTV cameras to make them cheap. The vehicles get damaged so often. The soldiers cannot use car lights at the frontline at night as they get hit immediately.

night vision

We have kept supplying the new military units going to the frontline, as well as the soldiers that are already there. These are just some of many thank you photos:

equipment for the unit 3
equipment for the unit 4

This is part of the unit that has received an electric generator unit, a night vision device, uniforms, tactical vests, boots and other things. 

This is one of many packages that we have sent out to particular soldiers. It includes medications, pain killers, 1st aid kits, gas stoves and cartridges, tactical kneepads, tourniquets, glasses and other things

package 3

They spend weeks in the trenches, without a chance to get out, wash themselves and wash their clothes. Wet wipes and underwear are very important:


The uniforms that are provided by the army are not enough. They get worn out quickly. They are in great demand and the cost is high. We have found a way to make it three times cheaper. This is the fabric that our team members bought and delivered from Germany:

fabric 2

Our friends in the neighboring village tailor the uniforms for us on order, the sizes we ask for. They do it in the evenings and at nights after they come back from work and they finish their household work. Everyone does their best to help as much as they can. They do not charge for their work.

uniforms 2

There’s another electric generator unit that we have delivered to the south recently. It’s important to charge night vision devises, portable radios and smartphones.

generator unit 1

We keep supplying the equipment that is necessary to organize radio and internet connection at the front line. These are the voice gateways we have delivered recently:

photo 8
connection equipment 1

These are tourniquets to stop massive bleeding and save the lives of the wounded. Each soldier has got to have four of them, one for each limb. We buy only certified tourniquets as it is very important to be sure it will work when needed:


With the help of our team member in Germany, we have bought a field surgery kit for the doctor of one of the units:

surgery kit Moment 1

Our friend from the USA has also sent us a package of the best tactical 1st aid kits. They are in such great demand here. They are in Ukraine already and we send them directly to the soldiers who need them:

1st aid kit 1

You’re welcome to join us!


Andriy Dorosh

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