Friends of Ukraine,

The war became a daily routine devouring lives, families, childhoods, immense resources, health, and happiness. Day after day. It has affected our children and it will influence the future of so many further generations.

However, we keep going. It’s an existential war. Ukraine will cease to exist, the Ukrainians will cease to exist if we stop and give up.

I am glad to share the results of our recent volunteer activity with you. It would not be possible without your help. 

The Range Rover we bought recently is already performing tasks at the front. The soldiers of the special assault intelligence unit that is part of the 92nd Assault Brigade are very grateful for the help.

Range Rover thank you 2

Also, our generous friends Chris and Barbara from London have donated their vehicle which has been delivered to Lviv with the help of British volunteers.


We have fixed and serviced it, bought suitable tires and it’s already been sent to the front. The report is coming and it’ll be presented in the next update. 

Mercedes ML2

We have also started working on the next project with the soldiers of the military unit which specializes in hunting for the shahed kamikaze drones terrorizing all of Ukraine. They work in different parts of the country. We have bought gabions to protect their locator machines from shrapnel and we are planning to help more. Gabions are special metal structures filled with sand and located around the equipment that needs to be safe.


It’s been a surprise to receive a certificate of appreciation:

Gabions 23

I will translate the text. It is for you, as this project would not be possible without your help.

The personnel of the A2099 military unit expresses gratitude to you for the invaluable help you provide to the military of Ukraine at this difficult time. Sincerely thank you for your attitude and understanding of the situation in our army and our country. It emphasizes the fact that the army and the people are united. The Ukrainian soldiers will always be with our people and will make every effort to preserve the unity and indivisibility of our state. Thank you for doing what you do.

Head of A2099 military unit, mayor O.S. Bohomaz.

We’ve kept fixing vehicles for the military, providing star link units, night vision devices, and other things. Some report pictures keep coming. 

thank you

At this time, we are helping two soldiers: Andriy and Eugen get some physical and mental rehabilitation in a private clinic. Andriy spent some time in Russian captivity and suffered torture. Eugen was wounded and his spinal cord was affected. I should be able to tell you more in the next update.

We’ve also kept the project of helping the elderly people going. We keep buying diapers for the bedridden who can’t afford them and this is the recent delivery which will be distributed by Volodymyr town social care department:


I have not shared the easter pictures yet and here they are. The town has provided holiday food packages and we decided to buy easter cakes for the elderly whose monthly pension is less than 100 USD. These are just some of them: 

Easter cakes 1
Easter cakes 3
Easter cakes 2

Would it be possible without your support? No. Your help, big or small, makes a difference for the people you see above and many others. I do lack words of gratitude for your contribution.

Love from Ukraine.


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