Dear friends,

You can see Nadia, the mother of the soldier whose unit we have helped recently. Nadia’s son is at the frontline. 

The video we would like to present was recorded by Ania, Nadia’s granddaughter and the daughter of the soldier. Ania is living with her grandmother now. It’s another way to understand what is going on in Ukraine today:

Our friends who are at the front line say that a well-built, deep trench is often the only way to survive because there’s constant shelling. We work quickly and Nadia’s request to help has been satisfied within a few days. This is the container with many things that we’ve shipped to help Nadia’s son’s unit to organize the defense:

container shipped to the soldiers

They can’t get them at the frontline: spades to dig trenches, insulation for the trenches, a diesel generator, electric extension cords, nails and metal clamps to build the wooden walls, green bags for sand, and other things. The delivery also included such essential items as uniforms and boots.

This is only one of many deliveries of this kind we’ve done with your help recently. Nadia’s son and his colleagues, as well as all other soldiers we have supported with your help, have passed on their greetings.

thank you 1
thank you 2

Our support will let the children like Ania and mothers like Nadia see their fathers and sons back home. You’re welcome to join us. 


Andriy Dorosh

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