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The Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation is a registered non-profit foundation based in Calgary Canada and whose mission is to supply humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 


from the war

the holiday presents we made


Friends of Ukraine, In this update, I would like to tell you about the very important holiday presents that YOU have made recently. You have
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Who we Are

Our Mission

The Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation’s mission is to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine for immediate threats and longer-term rebuilding efforts. We achieve this by directing funds raised through the generosity of donors into the hands of Ukrainian volunteer teams working in highly impacted areas of Ukraine.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a rebuilt Ukraine
with its rich culture and history preserved.

Our Impact

Funds raised through the Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation will be directed to high-need areas of impact, including:

  • Providing Ukrainian refugees with food, housing and clothing.
  • Equipping Ukrainian army units with military supplies such as night vision goggles, clothing and medical kits.
  • Supporting rebuilding efforts in the many communities damaged by the war.

The Foundation is duly registered with the Government of Canada and the Province of Alberta.

Our Team

The Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation is supported by Canadian volunteers led by Dale Shumka, a retired Canadian businessman/philanthropist who is passionate about preserving Ukrainian history and culture.

The Foundation works directly with a volunteer team in Ukraine overseen by Andriy Dorosh, owner of a tour and ancestry research company and a proud Ukrainian leading an effort to house and supply food to many refugees left homeless from the war and equip the Ukrainian army with critical gear.

Dale and Andriy have worked together for over five years on Ukrainian history and genealogy research as well as local philanthropy efforts focused on education for Ukrainians.

Contact us

For more information about our efforts or questions about donations please contact:

The Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation
Email: [email protected]

Or send us a message